How to increase number of open files limit in CentOS 5,6, and 7

When load testing an application and seeing “Resource temporarily unavailable” issues, increase the “nofile” and system-wide limitations for the number of open files. The kernel allows a certain amount of continuously open file descriptors. This number will automatically vary depending on the amount of RAM in the system by default. In the file /etc/sysctl.conf, edit/add …

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What does Ping mean?

Nothing is more aggravating than getting into a gaming groove with your pals only to have your frames per second (fps) drop and your game lag at any time during the session. You’re undoubtedly curious in what’s going on with your system or network behind the scenes, and if there’s anything you can do about …

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HowTo wipe ceilometer in OpenStack

The following is performed on the overcloud controllers. First of all stop telemetry with the following command. systemctl stop openstack-aodh-evaluator openstack-aodh-listener openstack-aodh-notifier openstack-ceilometer-central openstack-ceilometer-collector openstack-ceilometer-notification openstack-gnocchi-metricd openstack-gnocchi-statsd Stop the mongod service. systemctl stop mongod Backup MongoDB files. tar Jcf /tmp/mongodb-backup-$HOSTNAME-$(date +%F_%H%M%S).tar.xz /var/lib/mongodb Delete the following files from the /var/lib/mongodb/ folder. rm -r /var/lib/mongodb/* Start mongodb …

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What is Scareware?


Scareware is a term that is frequently used to refer to a cyberattack tactic that scares people into visiting bogus or infected websites or downloading malicious software (malware). Scareware may manifest itself in the form of pop-up advertisements that appear on a user’s computer or via spam email attacks. Scareware attacks are frequently launched via …

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grace cpu

The NVIDIA GRACE chip is an Arm Neoverse-based CPU designed for AI infrastructure and high-performance computing. It has the highest performance and twice as much memory bandwidth and energy efficiency as today’s best server chips. The NVIDIA Grace CPU Superchip is made up of two CPU chips that are linked together using NVLink-C2C, a new …

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