Why yum module list show @modulefailsafe

The command yum module list output @modulefailsafe

# yum module list --disablerepo=\*
Name Stream Profiles Summary
389-ds 12 [e] 209 Directory Server (base)
ant 1.9 [e] common Java build tool
httpd 2.2 [e] common, devel, mini Apache HTTP Server

In the case of local repositories, Re-build repodata either with reposync --download-metadata or modifyrepo to include the modules.yaml into the repomd.xml

The issue is usually caused when the module metadata is not available. Unavailability of module metadata happens when the user removes a .repo file or disables a repository via –disablerepo / –repoid or repository is unavailable and has option skip_if_unavailable=true.

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